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Hold that syringe and pierce your fragile skin: feel the needle penetrating layers of flesh and nerves; the liquid fulfilling your veins and melting in your blood, a divine combination rushing to your brain fast.
Explore your subconscious, swim into the darkest and most perverted dream: taste grief, desperation, disappointment through your teeth.
Discover how much pain you can handle at once: kill cigarettes on your legs, limbs, arms.
Collect scars as they were rare butterflies or ancient coins: they will never fade away, they will be an eternal choice.
Satisfy your sexual desire: let a hunter capture your virginity, feel the adrenaline dance like fire.
Lay in the middle of the street: don’t stand up if a car comes closer, stay there and feel yourself free.
You’ll understand your limits, feelings, fears. And then you’ll come up with a sensation:
self-destruction is such a sweet form of creation.