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I found her exactly where I expected: she was staring vacantly at the sea, covered by a thin layer of clouds. Her eyes were empty, her mind travelling through unknown worlds and realities. Her hair, dark as the night, were dancing in the air: it seemed like the winter wind wanted to caress and undress her young body, to lift up the short skirt from her smooth thighs and make love with her.
I sat down a few metres away.
“Aren’t you cold?” I asked.
She laughed soflty, without even looking at me.
“Not really: after a while you get used to it”
“To coldness?”
“No, to pain”
A shudder crossed my backbone, silence filled the air for a few minutes.
“Are you coming on Friday?”
Her question sounded more like an imperative.
“Well, I’m not sure yet. My parents… you know…”
“I’m gonna convince them, don’t worry about it”
“…you don’t even know them”
“Invite me to your house for dinner”
“And then what?”
“The natural course of events will take control”
That sentence made me laugh.
“You’re weird”
“I know, that’s why people find me so attractive” she answered, getting up.
“Wait, where are you going?”
She fixed her green eyes into mine.
I looked at her while she walked in the fog. She left me there, alone with the sea.